About Rampage Aestehtics

Rampage Aesthetics was founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team and we are a rapidly growing business and now provide Personal Training and Massage Therapy services.

Our primary objective is to help people live long and healthy lives so that they can enjoy precious time and create happy memories with loved ones and generations to come.

Having worked with other providers over the past few years and having witnessed certain practices, Rampage Aesthetics was set up with a view to provide what our clients want with full transparency, but more so in that you not only get what you pay for but you get much much more.

Everyone from the coaches, therapists and consultants have worked within the NHS and health sector, therefore each person understands and acknowledges that we are not simply selling a product and then looking to our profit and loss to see how much money is being made. Our product is YOU and YOUR health, which goes far and beyond a profit and loss balance sheet. We make sure we invest the time and energy so that you reach your goals and ambitions and are always happy to hear from you should you want to discuss this. Head over to our contact us page and send us a message and a member of our team will be more than happy to get in touch.

Why Choose Rampage Aesthetics

We are a fitness and therapy company working with clients all over the world helping them achieve their short and long term health goals and aspirations.

At Rampage Aesthetics  as all of our coaches, therapists, staff and advisors have spent decades working within the health care and the customer service sector we are passionate about putting the customer and their health needs/goals first, because of this all plans are bespoke to the individual and devised around the initial and concurrent intensive health and fitness screening processes that clients are regularly put through.

Our mission statement: “Helping individuals live a healthier tomorrow, today. To inspire and educate the generation of today and future generations to come, so that they can lead healthier and longer lives, regardless of background and social or economic circumstances”.

Please take a moment to look through our website and packages. If you have any questions please head over to our contact page and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.


Meet Our Team

Please take a moment to have a look at our team and read their bio’s. In the near future we will be expanding our team with individuals from different disciplines and experts in their respective fields. This is to ensure coaches can get input from all areas and ensure our clients are in the best hands!!!!

Bal Sidhu Bal Sidhu Coach/Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist/Cupping Therapist

My name is Bal Sidhu. I am a qualified personal trainer, online fitness coach, massage therapist and cupping therapist. My passion is helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and improve their long term health.

I spent 20 years as a senior manager within healthcare and my motivation to help others with their health arose when I witnessed and experienced poor health practices within the corporate environment, with limited to no support being offered to help individuals overcome issues and lead a happier work/life balance.
My personal journey resulted in corporate stress and a deterioration in my own health. Working long and unsociable hours, being in all day meetings, on call 24/7 and interrupted sleep; over time all of these had a negative affect on my health. I suffered from stress, weight gain, unhealthy eating habits leading to poor digestion, posture problems and joint pains.
Over the last 3 years I found my passion in personal training and have managed to turn my health around and helped others to achieve their life long health goals.
Here at RA we do not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every journey is unique and all plans are bespoke, customised and tailored to each individual's needs.
We have a passion for empowering people with knowledge and providing you with tools so that you can improve your health for the long-term.
Farah Sidhu Farah Sidhu Operations Manager

My name is Farah Sidhu and I am the Operations Manager here at Rampage Aesthetics. Responsible for auditing our processes to ensure high standards are maintained as well as being the data controller and complaints manager.
I have over 25 years experience in customer service and health care industries and know first hand how stress & middle age can affect your health.
Having gone through my own personal journey, working with Rampage Aesthetics now gives me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge.
Currently I am studying to be a personal trainer and hope to qualify and join the coaching team here at Rampage Aesthetics later this year.
I wish you all the best on your health journey!
Karl Winpenny Karl Winpenny Marketing Manager

My name is Karl Winpenny. I am a Business and Marketing graduate from Birmingham University.
I have over 5 years experience working within the marketing industry and I have worked with a number of commercial and health organisations.
Sabrina Jussab Sabrina Jussab Nurse

My name is Sabrina Jussab and I hold a DipHE in Adult Nursing. I currently specialise in Health Education and Management.
I am a registered nurse practising for just over a decade with exposure in a variety of clinical settings. My objective has always been to educate patients and empower them to take their health seriously.
During my time as a clinician working in a very busy and stressful environment where patient safety is of the utmost priority, my own health suffered. Working long hours, on call 24/7, interrupted sleep, eating on the go all started to take toll on me and my family life.
I decided to take a positive step towards my own health so I could be in the best possible health to deliver my best at work and at home.
My role at Rampage Aesthetics is not to replace your GP or other medical service provider, but merely to reassure you that the coaches working at Rampage Aesthetics, have access to clinical support 24/7 to assist and direct you in your journey.
Dr Gurjit Nahal Dr Gurjit Nahal (Doctor of Chiropractic DC) MChiro, BSc. Hons Physiotherapy, MCSP

My name is Gurjit Nahal. Having worked as a Physiotherapist for 2 years I found that I wanted to provide a more comprehensive experience for my patients. At which point I studied Chiropractic, and was amazed with the speed of results, particularly when combining the two therapies.
I have amassed significant experience across the NHS, Occupational Health at BMW and MINI, the private sector and sports teams. I have now decided to combine this experience with my passion for improving well being and health, and am excited about having my own practice in the Jewellery Quarter.
I am passionate about helping people. Here I am able to provide a complete and well-rounded service that is second to none. I am keen to help people from all walks of life, be it athletes/sports professionals to more sedentary lifestyles.
If you would like to contact us directly, you can use the details below.

Tel: 07400702516
Email: info@advancedchirophysio.co.uk

Advanced Chiro Physio 95 Albion Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham B1 3AA
Manny Sandhu Manny Sandhu Reflexologist (MAR)

My name is Manny Sandhu and I am a reflexologist and a registered member of the 'Association of Reflexologists'.
After working in the IT, banking and healthcare industries in 2007, following stressful life events my health gradually deteriorated. These events took me on a path of positive, meaningful experiences and self discovery. I had to learn to adapt my lifestyle and instil some subtle changes to balance my emotional and physically well-being.
Having suffered from a number of health conditions, from the age of 20 (a subject I am very passionate about) I realised and acknowledged that these stemmed from built up tension, stress and emotions that I had not dealt with.
After trying many other holistic therapies, reflexology was the only therapy to actually enable me to relax. Combining this with exercise and diet changes, the impact on my health is far more manageable than ever imagined. Alongside western medicine I have always been intrigued with holistic therapies which prompted me to finally listen to my intuition and embark on a course at London School of Reflexology gaining a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology. I have encountered many hurdles in life, as we all have, but each one has made me stronger and empathic and I have found that truly wanting to make a change with a positive mindset can help to release negative thoughts, feelings and burdens allowing you to move forward. If you would like to contact us directly, you can use the details below.

Web: www.holistic-serenity.co.uk
Tel: 07905141928
Email: info@holistic-serenity.co.uk

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