Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. I will share with you my top tips to eat healthy on a budget. 

1. 🔹Avoid impulse buying. Plan your meals for the week. This will set up your shopping list. Knowing what you want will direct you to items and avoid you walking up and down aisles, thus avoiding temptation. 
2. 🔹Carry out a price comparison to see who offers the best prices. Do not rely on one sole provider to provide all your requirements at the cheapest price. 
3. 🔹Make smarter food choices. Look to see if you can substitute one product for another cheaper product without losing on macro nutrients.
4. 🔹Find a wholesale butcher/fishmonger who will sell to the public at trade prices. 
5. 🔹Buy your fruit and veg from outdoor markets, these traders operate with very few overheads and offer value for money. If you wait until the end of the day, they normally cut prices to get rid of stock. Also do not be afraid to haggle. 
6. 🔹Avoid supermarket offers as they lead you to buy more than you actually need. 
7. 🔹Don’t take the price of the product at face value. To get a true comparison see what price you are paying per kg. 
8. 🔹If buying in bulk, then freeze anything that you will not be using over the next few days. 
9. 🔹Markdowns on perishables at the end of the shopping day are another way to bag a saving, but make sure the item gets used before the use-by-date and doesn’t go off sooner than expected. 
10. 🔹Buy whole food instead of processed. Beans and whole grains, like quinoa, freekeh and brown rice, are an inexpensive and tasty alternative. 


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