Thank you!!! for your interest in the Platinum Coaching Package. You are only one step away from making the best choice of your life!!!

Before we move to the next step, we just want to take this opportunity to summarise what you will receive in this coaching package!!!

Please note that each person gets their own individual nutrition and training plan.


Just because this is a couples/buddies package, you still get your own individual benefits!!!

Full health screening consultation.
Fully bespoke nutrition plan, customised to your goals and in line with the foods you love to eat.
Fully bespoke training plan, customised to your individual goals (fat loss, lean muscle gain, strength etc).
No need to become a social recluse. Meal plans are tailored to account for social functions or events.
Free access to our app, where you will access to your training and nutrition plans. Nutrition plans are designed around your goals without compromising on the foods you like to eat. We take away the hassle and  you will have access to a shopping list so you can shop for ingredients to make meal prep easy. All training plans come with videos to show how to execute the exercise correctly. You can amend and add your own exercises. You can upload your progress and track your journey (food eaten, weight lifted, numbers of sets and reps completed). Log pictures and body measurements to record your transformation journey, view historical data to see how far you have come.
Training plans are tailored to the equipment you have available to you. Don’t have access to certain equipment then not a problem, your coach will programme alternative exercises. Don’t have a gym membership, then again not a problem, we will plan a workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
No need to have a coach standing with you during your training session. Send us an unlimited number of videos of you performing exercises. Our coaches will analyse those videos and check your form and technique. We will send you your video back detailing the adjustments of improvements you need to make.
24/7, 365 access to your coach via messaging services.
A review with your coach every week to discuss progress and provide you with the knowledge and foundations to help you in your journey.
UNLIMITED!!! plan revisions throughout the month, want something changing or your coach feels that your plan needs to change? Not an issue, we will not charge for any amendments or additions.
Free membership to our growing facebook community, where you can find tools and education material to take your journey to the next level and learn how to advance and regress your training in line with your goals for years to come.
1hr personal training session at our local gym every month you are subscribed to the package.
You are not tied into any contracts you can cancel or upgrade your package at any time you like!!!

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